Cloud Backup

A high-performance cloud backup solution to support your data backup strategy

Secure your data – quickly, cost-effectively and in certified data centres in Germany

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Backup for all application scenarios

IONOS Cloud Compute Engine has a fully integrated backup function offering secure data storage in German data centers for all data backup application scenarios in medium-sized and large companies. IONOS Cloud allows you to back up and restore your data directly and without any hassle.

Features of the backup solution:

  • Comprehensive image backup (full backup) and/or Incremental backup
  • Rapid disaster recovery and complete data restore
  • Easy data migration
  • Encrypted data storage in ISO-certified data centers in Germany

IONOS Cloud allows you to quickly and efficiently back up data from your applications and any images you use as well as data from applications that run on-premises or in private clouds in commonly used virtualized environments such as VMware and Hyper-V.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Protect your company's IT systems with comprehensive and reliable image-based backups
  • Restore entire systems, files, database elements and applications
  • Versatile and compatible with the most common operating system environments.
  • No license fees, the price is based only on the actual storage volume used
  • Straightforward design and implementation of a backup strategy

Find out more about the benefits and features of our backup solution in our webinar. Watch now

Versatile and compatible

The integrated IONOS Cloud backup system is exceptionally versatile. It supports many of the most common platforms:

How to back up your cloud applications in the IONOS Cloud

It couldn’t be easier to back up cloud applications and workloads in the IONOS Cloud:

  1. Create the backup units in the Data Center Designer (DCD) and assign to these any virtual servers that are to be backed up.

  2. After an initial, full backup, only the increments are then backed up.

Even for existing workloads on virtual machines in private or public clouds, a backup agent can be installed retroactively and the backup resumed at a later date. A backup or migration to the IaaS cloud can also be performed from on-premises VMware installations. In principle, any system can be migrated to the cloud using the backup solution.

With the new REST API Version 5, you can control the creation of backup units and deployment of new systems to be included in the backup. You can also use all native APIs from Acronis in addition to the DCD and cloud API.

Acronis as a strong backup solution partner

IONOS Cloud is implementing the backup solution in partnership with the backup pioneer and market leader, Acronis. A theoretically unlimited volume of data can be stored in data centers in Germany – guaranteed! – and fully certified to ISO 27001. Data cables with capacities of up to 10 GBit/s ensure seamless data throughput, even for full backups.

See for yourself!

Would you like to find out how to get the most out of our backup solution for your purposes? Watch now our free, 30-minute webinar Introduction to the High-Performance Backup Solution from IONOS Cloud, where you can learn the following:

  • How to create and manage backup units in the Data Center Designer
  • Which features and functions the Backup Management Console offers
  • How to manage your backup and recovery plans
  • How to install backup agents

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